A Comprehensive Guide for Website & Search Engine Optimization

A Comprehensive Guide for Website & Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization popularly called ‘SEO’, is the process of increasing the ranking in search engines when someone types the keywords of related to your site. The site which has a higher ranking in the search engine compared to its competitor, will get the most traffic and obviously more sales. Search engines have good enough data for a particular query or search, and getting into the top in the first page of search engine results among thousands and millions of competitors is not an easy task. But with some practical changes to your website and following a systematic process, you can ultimately get there. These are some useful tips and tasks to get you started in optimizing your website.

Website Analysis

Before starting the SEO process, do a brief web site analysis that includes – Checking the number of pages in the site, use of flash or animations and images, website content, page titles, sitemap etc. Check the header tags, anchor text in the pages of the site, Robot.txt files. Then check where your competitor websites and where they rank in the search results for your keywords.

Keyword Research

Analyze the web site thoroughly and make a list of your major keywords. You can categories them as primary keywords or secondary keywords. You can take the help of some keywords tools like Word Tracker, Google keyword research, Keyword Discovery tool. These keywords tool give you the idea and data of what the user is searching in search engines. Select the all of those keywords and then make the list of your major keywords. Use your competitor’s website as a platform, from where you get ideas and then work on them, to generate innovative keywords and phrases.